Give the gift of a Precious Moment this Christmas

Posted on the 11th December 2016

Every parent dreams of Christmas with their child in the family home. Those precious moments so many of us associate with the festive season; the excitement and anticipation of Christmas morning, the joy and surprise of opening presents by the tree, the look of wonder and delight on a child’s face. But for many of the mums and dads we work with, that simple dream can seem impossible. Just getting their child out of hospital would be the best present they could receive.

This is the reality for parents of a child who has a serious illness or exceptional health needs like Maddison. Their child might be severely disabled, or perhaps have a life limiting condition. Their world as a parent is very different from what they hoped and planned for. All too often they might spend months, even years, living in hospital with their child simply because there is no support to help them get home. Every day is a battle, and it can seem that there is no end in sight.


With your help, we can help create more Previous Moments for Christmas and 2017. A gift of just £25, could fund one hour’s specialist care and support by a WellChild Nurse. That hour could be the hour in which a child and their family are told: “You can go home”.

Please will you help us create more Precious Moments this Christmas?

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