Jack’s Helping Hands Garden Makeover

Posted on the 15th February 2017

Watch Jack explore his new garden for the first time

Jack has a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy, he requires a Nasopharyngeal airway, is fed via a feeding tube and is a wheelchair user. Jack loves being outside relaxing in the shade, listening to the birds and spending time with his sister Maisie, whilst dipping his feet in a paddling pool.

His outside therapy and sensory play help him learn and experience the world around him. However Jack’s family struggle with access to the garden, after essential adaptations to the property meant there was no longer a suitable path. This restricts their opportunity to spend time outside together.

We wanted to give Jack a garden that he could safely access and play in with his sister Maisie. Volunteers from RSA Group & Aviva came together for the day to collaborate in transforming this family’s life.

They set about laying slabs to triple the width of the path, allowing access for Jack’s wheelchair and hoist. A sensory station was created with sand, water and reflection play areas.

Jack now has a safe, accessible and fun garden to thrive in alongside his family.

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