Garden makeover for young girl in Ilford

Posted on the 8th March 2017

This was the garden before our Helping Hands team set to work

This is the family garden now

This young girl has cystic fibrosis, which causes a build up of mucus in the body making it difficult to breathe. She requires a range of treatments everyday including medication, nebulisers and physiotherapy. It is important for her to remain active all the time to help clear this mucus, so having access to a safe outdoor space will have a positive impact on her condition.

She has suffered from several pseudomonas infections, caused by bacteria which is frequently found in soil. This means that she was unable to play in the garden as the risk of infection and subsequent damage to her lungs was too high.

The Garden Makeover

We wanted to give this little girl a garden that she could access safely in order to play independently and engage in physical activity to help manage her condition. Volunteers from London Stock Exchange Group worked incredibly hard for two days to completely transform the space.

They removed the existing turf and a crumbing concrete path. They installed artificial grass, built a climbing wall and fitted a curved acrylic mirror. They also built a decked platform to allow safer access to the shed. Now this little girl can go outside and play whenever she likes, get the physical activity she needs to stay well and build her confidence and independence.

It is beautiful - thank you all so much


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