Social care budget must provide for children and young people

Posted on the 8th March 2017

Chancellor Philip Hammond has announced £2bn extra funding for social care in today’s Spring Budget announcement. Whilst we welcome the Government’s recognition of an escalating health and social care crisis, we are concerned that an opportunity has been missed for children and young people.

In the UK today there is an increasing population of children and young people living at home with highly exceptional and often critical health needs. Growing numbers of parents and carers across the country are providing highly complex, 24×7 medical care at home to keep their children safe. There are many more stuck in hospital for months and even years because of a lack of support enabling them to leave. The needs of these families were highlighted acutely in the recent #notanurse_but video diaries.

It is imperative that this new tranche of social care funding is managed wisely, with a dedicated allocation to help develop consistent levels of care support for this growing population. We therefore call on the Government and local authorities to ensure that part of this extra funding is ring fenced for the provision of care support for these children, young people and their families.

It is estimated that more than 100,000 children and young people are currently living across the UK with serious illness or exceptional health needs. This number is growing every year. It is essential that they are not forgotten.

Mum and #notanurse_but video diarist Leanne shares the reality of daily life caring for a child at home with exceptional health needs.

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