Garden makeover for 10 year old Curtis in Truro

Posted on the 22nd March 2017

10 year old Curtis has Charge Syndrome. He is profoundly deaf, visually impaired, is unable to talk and has a limited vocabulary of signs. Curtis also has a complex and life limiting heart condition and has spent much of the last year in hospital following an operation. Curtis is not able to walk due to lack of balance, but uses a wheelchair and can shuffle across the floor. Curtis’ complex needs mean it’s becoming increasingly difficult for his mum to take him out and she needed help to create a safe and stimulating area for Curtis to play in the family garden.

The Garden Makeover

Volunteers from Speedy Services worked over two wet Cornish days and managed to transform Curtis’ garden. They ripped up the uneven grass and replaced it with artificial turf, better for him when he shuffles across the grass. They installed a small decked area with a water feature (he loves water), installed a large garden mirror so he can see his reflection. Put up Perspex wall protection to stop him grazing himself, added a play table and some captains wheels (he loves spinning things), covered the stair walls with grass for safety, built a large chalk board and covered the hard floor in rubber safety matting!

Watch Curtis' Garden Makeover

It is going to make such a difference to our lives

Curtis' mum

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