Garden makeover for eight year old Lois

Posted on the 7th April 2017

Lois has severe spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and epilepsy. She is also sight and hearing impaired. Lois needs to use a wheelchair and has lots of specialist equipment, such as oxygen and suction machines, so that her parents can care for her needs. She has very limited communication but smiles and laughs when she is happy and cries when she is uncomfortable or sad. Lois loves to be outside and wanted to join her siblings when they played in the garden, but it was inaccessible for her.

The Garden Makeover

We wanted to give Lois a garden that she could safely access and play in with her siblings. Volunteers from SOBI came together over two days, to join our Helping Hands team and transform an area of the garden for her.

We built a large decked seating area for the family to spend time together on and installed a long ramp to take Lois to an area of artificial grass that is wheelchair accessible and has a wheelchair platform swing on it. Now Lois has a special accessible and fun space in the garden of her own, it will be life changing!

It is amazing, you are so incredible to have done this for us, thank you all!

Lois' mum

Lois and her family explore their new garden...

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