An accessible, fun garden for six year old Mo

Posted on the 12th April 2017

Mo was born with Down’s Syndrome. Following a choking accident when she was 3 years old she was left with a brain injury which means she is now a full-time wheelchair user. Mo has very limited mobility, visual impairment and no speech. There are no wheelchair accessible public parks close to the family home so her access to outdoor space was very limited. Being able to get out into the garden and play independently could mean that Mo is able to regain some of her mobility, and would greatly improve her quality of life.

The Garden Makeover

We wanted to provide Mo with a fun, relaxing outdoor space which she could easily access in her wheelchair. Volunteers from Kingsley Napley joined our Helping Hands team and worked incredibly hard for two days to completely transform her garden.

Our team dug up all the existing grass, built a ramp down from the patio, installed an area of artificial grass, built a new fence, constructed a raised flower bed for Mo’s mum to grow sensory plants, herbs and vegetables, and finished it all off with a cool ‘frammock’ swing.

Mo now has a safe, private and stimulating space where she can enjoy spending time outdoors and work on her mobility. It is also somewhere for her and her mum to relax and spend time together with family and friends.

It is wonderful, she loves it! Thank you so much.

Bisi, Mo’s mum
before the garden makeover

The family garden before our team set to work

after the garden makeover

The finished garden for Mo

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