The WellChild Family Tree: Jack’s story

Posted on the 2nd June 2017

Jack’s family are part of the WellChild Family Tree and were recently involved in making bracelets for guests of the 2016 WellChild Awards.

Jack’s mum tells us all about Jack and the support they have received from WellChild, through the WellChild Family Tree.

About Jack…

My son Jack is 10 years old and has an unknown neurological disorder. He has multiple complex medical needs and a life-limiting illness. He also has scoliosis, global development delay, supranuclear palsy, bulbar palsy, ectopic heartbeat, hiatus hernia and has had three cardiac arrests.  He gets repeated chest infections, pneumonia and has a specialist tracheostromy. Jack is also unable to swallow so is fed by a feed pump through a button directly into his stomach. When Jack sleeps his oxygen levels and heart rate lower to a level requiring intervention and his complex medical needs require 24/7 care.

Jack has been on and off ventilators and in and out of hospital throughout his little life, but despite all of this Jack is a happy little boy. He loves Mr Tumble, bubbles, aquariums, scouts, meeting new friends and family time.

Nobody should ever have to say goodbye to their child and we have had to say goodbye to Jack on many occasions. WellChild makes you feel like you are not alone. They understand the daily struggles and emotional stress families are under and are always there for us to guide us through our darkest days. They provide us with support and we feel like part of the family. WellChild are an incredible charity.

Victoria, Jack’s mum

What makes Jack inspirational?

Jack has great strength and incredible individuality and continually proves to us that he will not give up without a fight. I’m so unbelievably proud of my boy and the joy, strength and inspiration he gives to not only his family but to thousands around the world.


By Victoria, Jack’s mum.

Victoria is part of the WellChild Family Tree and supports the parent led #notanurse_but campaign.

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