Garden makeover gives 17 year old Gabriel more independence

Posted on the 29th June 2017

Gabriel has diplegic cerebral palsy which causes frequent spasms and muscle tensing. He is a full-time wheelchair user and requires adult support with all of his daily care and transfers.

Only a small area of the garden was accessible to Gabriel with lots of dangerous edges where his wheelchair could topple over. Gabriel is having surgery later this year to reduce the spasticity in his muscles which should help him to become more mobile and gain greater independence at home. More accessible space in the garden will help with his physio and ensure that he can join in family activities.

The Garden Makeover

We wanted to create a garden for Gabriel which is both accessible for him in his wheelchair and also helps to increase his mobility following his planned surgery. It also needed to be peaceful and private so that he could feel comfortable and relaxed. Volunteers from Hilti joined our team and worked through a heatwave to transform the garden and create a fantastic area for Gabriel and his family.

They constructed a large deck to extend the accessible area, and installed a handrail for Gabriel to use to build strength in his legs after his surgery. They also built a large bench, installed a range of planters and trellis to create a private space, and filled the new garden with a whole range of sensory plants, herbs and vegetables.

Gabriel now has his own private oasis right outside his bedroom where he can relax, exercise and spend time with his family.

Wow - it’s great!

Gabriel - on seeing his new garden

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