10 Choppers ride London to Brighton raising money for WellChild

Posted on the 10th July 2017

A group of 10 media professionals (‘The Onion Club’) dressed in 70’s clothing rode old school Chopper bikes from London to Brighton on Saturday 8th July 2017.  This was no easy tasks with several hills to climb and bikes with only three gears.

Departing from Trafalgar Square at 09:00am they hoped to reach Brighton Pier ‘sometime before the chip shops close’.

The ‘Onions’ have enjoyed raising funds to help charities over the years and are proud to support WellChild the national charity for seriously ill children in the UK for their fifth challenge.

Sas (aka Sasan Roohi) mastermind of the 2017 challenge explained: “we’ve undertaken some crazy challenges for charity but the Chopper ride is by far our most adventurous. Due to commitments the guys could only spare one day this year.  The original plan was a leisurely trip on roadbikes but I realised this isn’t the ‘Onion way’. We had to make this more of a challenge.  Choppers became an obvious choice.  Have you seen the map?  There’s some naughty peaks!“

John Lilley 2017 charity co-ordinator (Sas’s unofficial ‘gofor’) added: “At first I thought Sas was joking but overnight I realised this was genius. Collecting bikes by train it’s been fun sharing the warm reception. Someone sees a bike and they want to stop you to talk. When you ride a Chopper it instantly takes you back to your freedom as a kid. There are hundreds of thousands of children in the UK living with long-standing illness or disability. WellChild are experts at empowering freedom for these children and their families – We hope we can improve the lives of as many sick children as possible.”

The bikes sourced online in a 10 day window came from across the UK from Ramsgate, Birkenhead, Portsmouth and London.

If you would like to support the team’s fundraising efforts for WellChild, visit their fundraising page. Your support can help us fund more specialist children’s nurses and home improvement projects.

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