Why I volunteered for WellChild

Posted on the 14th July 2017

I’m Molly, I am 20 years old and I’m currently studying Media and Communications at University. Over the past four weeks I have volunteered in the Marketing and Communications Department for WellChild. I wanted to volunteer for WellChild as it is an inspiring charity that helps seriously ill children and families across the UK.

In my first week at WellChild I was lucky enough to help out on a Helping Hands project, transforming a garden into a safe and enjoyable place for Gabriel and his family. I found this a lot of fun as I got the chance to use tools and equipment that I had never used before to make wooden flowerbeds.

As well as this it gave me a chance to play around with a camera and record footage of the makeover, which I later edited into a video and uploaded online. After working hard for hours, it was definitely worth it to see the reaction of Gabriel and his family seeing their new garden.

While in the WellChild office, I have been helping out with a variety of things including video editing, social media and some admin jobs. I really enjoyed creating graphics for social media posts, as it allowed me to be creative and use my own initiative on what I felt worked. I also had a number of meetings throughout my weeks with members of the WellChild team, which gave me an insight into what everyone does and how it all connects together.

I’ve really enjoyed volunteering at WellChild as I got the chance to get my hands into some great projects and learn more about how marketing and communications works in the charity sector.

I would highly recommend volunteering with WellChild to other people, as you get the chance to see how the charity works, work in a positive environment and meet some really inspiring people.

Watch Gabriel's Helping Hands project video, made by volunteer Molly.

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