4 year old Maham’s bedroom makeover

Posted on the 24th August 2017

Maham has Merosin deficient muscular dystrophy, progressive muscle weakness and developmental delay. She has a gastronomy tube and a G-J tube for medication and food. She needs support when undertaking activities and requires 24hr care.

Maham has been an in-patient at hospital for all of her life and she spends the majority of her time in bed. A recently completed extension allowed Maham to come home from hospital, but the room was bare and not a fun and stimulating place for a four year old little girl who has to spend so much of her time in her bedroom.

The Bedroom Makeover

Volunteers from Barnett Waddingham helped us transform the room in two days. Maham loves pink, purple, lights and fairies, so our Helping Hands team and volunteers painted the walls in lilac and white and the woodwork and door in white. They built furniture, hung curtains and then they added transfers with Maham’s name, magical fairies and stars – with one fairy escaping from a tiny fairy door in the skirting board that Maham will be able to see when she is in her bed!

I couldn’t have asked for anything better. The final result was beautiful

Maham’s mum

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