7 year old Oscar gets WellChild garden makeover, giving him an accessible outside space

Posted on the 31st August 2017

Oscar has a diagnosis of Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which causes his bones to be brittle and fracture easily, with little or no trauma. Oscar has had multiple fractures throughout his life.

It is difficult for Oscar to access local parks as the play equipment is not suitable for him and there is a high risk of him being injured or sustaining a fracture. The family have a large garden but Oscar was only able to access a tiny patio where he had to sit and watch his brother and friends play, without being able to join in.

The Garden Makeover

Oscar is a bright and motivated young boy who enjoys his independence. We wanted to provide as much accessible space as possible to allow him to enjoy the garden whenever he likes. Volunteers from St James’s Place worked tirelessly for two days to create a fantastic outdoor space for Oscar and his family.

They removed a large area of uneven grass and concrete path and installed a spacious deck and area of artificial grass. They also added a raised bed full of sensory plants, and built a ‘skate ramp’ for Oscar’s wheelchair – not many people have one of those in their garden! On top of all of that they also tidied and revamped the large front garden to give the family an extra Helping Hand. Oh, and Banksy may have made an appearance too…

Wow - it’s brilliant!

Oscar - on seeing his new garden

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