8 year old Mackenzie’s WellChild garden makeover

Posted on the 5th September 2017

Mackenzie has vanishing white matter disease, a rare recessive neurological condition which causes gradual deterioration and loss of skills. The symptoms generally worsen slowly, but there can be episodes of rapid deterioration that follow an infection or head trauma from falling. The condition is life limiting.

She also suffers from seizures, and has difficulties with coordination, balance and speech. Mackenzie has limited mobility and is a full time wheelchair user. However, when she is at home she loves to spend time outside and to have opportunities to play out of her chair.

The Garden Makeover

We wanted to create a space in the garden specifically designed for Mackenzie to enjoy. Volunteers from across Bristol came together through the Insurance Institute of Bristol (IIB) to join our Helping Hands team and transform the garden in just 2 days.

The team cleared and levelled a section of the garden and built a large decked seating area under the shade of the tree. They added a decked path for easy access and a large area of artificial grass so that Mackenzie can play with her sister and cousins. They also brightened up the space by painting the wall and added a mirror and blackboard. In addition to all of this they also constructed a new fence to make the garden more private.

Mackenzie now has a fun, accessible garden where she can relax and spend precious time with her family.

It is absolutely brilliant!

Kayleigh - Mackenzie’s mum

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