Charlie and Oliver’s Helping Hands garden makeover

Posted on the 7th September 2017

Charlie has lipodystrophy which causes problems with the way his body produces, uses and stores fat. He also has severe autoimmune chronic urticaria and angioedema, which means when he is stressed his body covers with hives and his eyes and lips swell up. He is currently being assessed for autism.

Oliver has left sided hemiplegia (cerebral palsy), he has also just started having full seizures. His left sided weakness means he is prone to falling when tired and struggles with his fine motor skills.

The Garden Makeover

Previously the garden was dilapidated and unsafe, we wanted to give Charlie and Oliver an accessible outdoor space of their own that would have a positive impact on the whole family. Volunteers from Talbot worked incredibly hard – carrying all of the materials through the house – on what turned out to be an extremely challenging project and completely transformed the space.

They built a new deck at the back of the house to get rid of the dangerous step and provide enough space for the family to sit outside together. They installed completely new fencing on both sides of the garden to ensure that it is secure and private, and they installed a large area of artificial grass to give the boys space to play safely and enjoy their own back garden.

It is fantastic - thank you!

Toni - Charlie & Oliver’s mum Before

Charlie and Oliver see their new garden for the first time!

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