GSK and WellChild recognised at Third Sector Awards

Posted on the 21st September 2017

Long time partners GSK celebrated ten years of partnership with us at the prestigious Third Sector Awards 2017 in London last night. Together, we were finalists for the ‘Corporate Partnership of the Year’ Award for our work establishing a legacy of care for thousands of families across the UK.

The GSK and WellChild partnership was established to create long term meaningful interventions in order to improve the quality of life for seriously ill children, young people and their families across the UK.

Establishing a legacy of care

There are estimated to be more than 100,000 children and young people living across the UK with serious illness or exceptional health needs. Many spend months, even years in hospital simply because there is no support enabling them to leave.

Since 2006 the partnership has succeeded in ensuring more families across the UK have access to a WellChild Nurse to get their children out of hospital quicker and ensure they are properly supported and empowered to deliver the care they need at home. The GSK and WellChild partnership is also continuing to build national public awareness of the charity’s core message in order to discover more families in need of help and to raise public awareness of this growing issue.

We are incredibly proud that GSK has supported WellChild since 2006, through funding innovative research, WellChild Nurses and events across our organisation. We are absolutely committed to helping WellChild reach the many thousands of families and children who would benefit from their support


GSK and WellChild came together in 2006, and since then, key achievements include:

  • 10 GSK funded WellChild Nurse posts have been established across the UK.
  • In 2016/2017, 345 children and young people were supported by GSK funded WellChild Nurses.
  • £275,000 invested into research to improve the lives of children and young people with exceptional needs.
  • 74 GSK volunteers (89 volunteer days) have helped transform the gardens of children and young people living at home with serious illness.
  • Sponsoring WellChild Awards building national awareness of a growing issue.

Partnership with WellChild has given the GSK an outlet for making a real, meaningful and lasting impact onto the lives of seriously ill children and young people across the UK. Every WellChild Nurse post established by the partnership is established for life, giving the company the ability to leave a lasting legacy of support for children and young people today and into the future.

Through its sponsorship of the WellChild Awards, the partnership also gives GSK a platform to publically showcase its own social responsibility credentials at a national level, but also amongst the senior health professional networks that follow the prestigious annual event.

Finally, through the active participation of GSK staff in volunteer work, from garden transformations to WellChild Awards staffing, the partnership has provided GSK with unique and highly rewarding employee engagement opportunities.

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