Accessible garden for eight year old Joshua thanks to Hilti volunteers

Posted on the 26th September 2017

Joshua has autism, learning and communication difficulties. He also has epilepsy due to an
abnormality in his brain, and sensory issues.

The garden was previously inappropriate for Joshua’s needs and it was unsafe for him to be outside without close supervision. He will try to eat anything, including soil, wood or even broken glass. There was also an issue with privacy as he has no understanding of danger and will talk to strangers through the fence.

The Garden Makeover

We wanted to create a safe space for Joshua where he can spend time outdoors without placing himself at risk. Volunteers from Hilti worked incredibly hard to completely transform the garden in just two days.

They began by clearing and levelling the garden, then installed safety matting under the trampoline and an area of artificial grass to provide surfaces which are safe for Joshua to play on and will help to protect him if he has a seizure. They also added more slats to the fencing to increase privacy. In addition to this they built a deck at the end of the garden, added a new swing and a blackboard.

The garden was described by the family as Joshua’s sanctuary, he now has a safe space that he can enjoy and relax in whenever he likes.

Amazing! We can’t thank you enough.

Nicola - Joshua’s mum

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