Garden Makeover and Sensory Playroom for 5 year old Jack

Posted on the 17th November 2017

Jack has a diagnosis of Lowes Syndrome which means he has severe visual impairment, epilepsy, kidney problems and autistic spectrum disorder. He has limited life expectancy. Jack has difficulties with his mobility and is at risk of falls due to being unsteady on his feet and also having unpredictable seizure activity. He has very limited verbal communication leading to frustration and meltdowns which can result in self harm. His autism means that he has no fear and poor safety awareness, so his mum needs to closely supervise him at all times.

The Garden Makeover

Jack had a small garden that was dangerous for him to play in and not suited to his needs. Volunteers from Siemens joined our Helping Hands team and worked tirelessly to completely transform the space in just two days.

They removed the existing patio and installed soft artificial grass throughout the garden as well as covering the hard angular brickwork to protect him from falling against sharp edges. They also transformed the existing shed into a sensory play room to give Jack a space of his own whatever the weather. And just like his favourite Minions, it had to be yellow and blue! It is packed with sensory elements including mirrors, lights and textures for him to interact and engage with.

Jack now has a garden that he can access safely and independently for the first time, to play in and enjoy whenever he likes.

You have changed my little boy’s life

Emma, Jacks mum

See how our Helping Hands team and volunteers transformed Jack's garden!

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