Autumn Budget 2017 all style, but no comfort

Posted on the 23rd November 2017

Once again, families of children and young people with serious health needs are ignored by a budget containing plenty of headline grabbers, but very little comfort. Chancellor Phillip Hammond pledged an extra £2.8bn in funding for the NHS, which may win praise from supporters, but falls way short of the £4bn funding gap desperately needed.

In our recent Impact Review we reported a 37% increase in the average WellChild Nurse caseload. There are huge shortages in a children’s nurse workforce, whilst growing numbers of families caring for a child with serious health needs in the community are left increasingly isolated.

In the Spring Budget 2017, the same chancellor announced £2bn in extra social care funding, but none of that was for children and young people. The latest crumbs from the table of the Chancellor will unlikely reach families of children with serious health needs.

As the national charity for seriously ill children we are dismayed once again at a government that fails to prioritise the health and wellbeing of some of the most vulnerable children and young people in our society. It is once again up to organisations like WellChild to pick up their pieces.

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