Eight year old Maddison’s new accessible garden thanks to Interserve volunteers

Posted on the 29th November 2017

Eight year old Maddison has Epilepsy and can have a number of seizures during the day. She also has Autism, ADHD, and has challenging behaviour. Maddison is a very active girl with lots of energy and loves rough and tumble play. She has no safety awareness and is a thrill seeker, so she needs constant close supervision to keep her safe.

Maddison can get frustrated easily leading to self harm, such as head banging and biting. She Is non-verbal and puts everything in her mouth.

The Garden Makeover

We wanted to create a garden that gives Maddison plenty of opportunity to burn off excess energy as safely as possible and to be able to enjoy being outside with her family. Volunteers from Interserve came forward and spent two days working hard, putting everything in place to make the plan a reality.

First they created a frame to level the space and a deck was constructed at one end. At the other side an area of artificial grass and rubber safety matting was laid, creating spaces for both relaxing and safe play. They also installed a fence at the other end of the garden to make the drop from a raised patio safe.

We are so grateful for everything you have done.

Terri, Maddison's mum

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