Solutions for improving medication safety at home for families

Posted on the 10th December 2017

A joint event sponsored by Medicines for Children and MedsIQ saw child health professionals and parents work together to develop ideas for practical solutions and interventions to improve medication safety at home for families.

The morning section of the day featured a number of speakers including Jo Hughes from Mother’s Instinct, Carol Munt, a Patient Partner and Advocate of the Q Community and our very own Parent Ambassadors Faith and Michelle.

Michelle and Faith did a great presentation about the challenges they both faced administering and managing their children’s medications at home.  Their presentation also focused on the practical solutions they have implemented to resolve these issues.

The remainder of the day saw the parents and professionals work collaboratively to produce some practical solutions to the challenges raised by the morning’s speakers. These practical solutions were then pitched in teams, to a Dragons Den panel who selected two solutions to be developed further and then trialled in a hospital and community setting.

All the pitches focussed very much on the challenges surrounding communication and organisation, and offered some practical solutions that could help parents, carers and professionals alike.  The solutions selected to be further developed are:

A paper based passport system, which:

  • families can keep with them
  • follows the child and is always up to date
  • can be updated at every appointment
  • contains history
  • contains medication details
  • no reliance on letters being sent from consultant to GP/pharmacy which can take up to 6 weeks to arrive

#AskMe Campaign:

  • raise awareness and break down barriers to parents asking/challenging professionals for more information

The day was closed by an inspiring speech from Kath Evans, Experience of Care Lead, Maternity, Infants, Children and Young People at NHS England.

In the coming weeks, Meds IQ and Medicines for Children will be creating a plan to develop these solutions further involving both child health professionals and parents. If you would like to be involved in their development, please let us know by contacting us at

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