Four year old Corey-Jaii’s garden makeover

Posted on the 12th December 2017

Corey-Jaii has Moebius Syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that affects the muscles in the face causing paralysis. He is very sensitive to light as he cannot close his eyes or blink properly. He also has decreased muscle tone, which affects all four limbs.

Corey-Jaii was born with bilateral Congenital Talipes Equinovarus, also known as ‘club foot’. He is PEG fed and needs a suctioning machine when struggling to swallow his saliva. He also wears hearing aids and has asthma. His family recently moved to a new property, but unfortunately the garden was unsafe and inaccessible for him.

The Garden Makeover

We wanted to create a garden that gives Corey-Jaii the opportunity to get outside in a safe environment, to play and relax with his family. Volunteers from QA came forward and helped our Helping Hands team transform the uneven and overgrown space in just two days.

First the space was cleared of debris and levelled. A large area of artificial grass was laid to give Corey-Jaii a shaded area to relax, whilst a safety matted area was constructed to house a play tower. Fences were installed to partition from neighbouring gardens and help with safety. Finally a decked area will allow the rest of the family to relax whist also supervising Corey-Jaii playing in his new garden.

Thank you, its wonderful.

Toni, Corey-Jaii's mum

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