Accessible Garden for 12 Year Old Lishon

Posted on the 24th April 2018

Lishon has severe autism. He is non-verbal and has very challenging behaviour. He has difficulty with sensory processing, understanding his environment and requests made of him. This all causes him anxiety and can make day to day life very challenging for him and his family.

When Lishon is confined to his house it has a negative impact on his behaviour, which in turn affects the rest of the family. Lishon loves to be outside and is prone to absconding if doors or windows are left open. Having a secure and safe outdoor environment at home is really important for him.

The Garden Makeover

Volunteers from St James’s Place joined our team in taking on the huge task of transforming Lishon’s garden, and created a fantastic space for him in just 2 days.

They cleared the existing vegetation, removed tree stumps and dug out 5 tonnes of earth to create a level area, then installed a fence to divide the garden and provide a safe space for Lishon. They then built a large deck and installed an area of artificial grass, and built a climbing wall with a swing to give Lishon somewhere to play, burn off his energy and relax.

Having access to the new garden really will make a huge difference to Lishon’s life, it will give him freedom, independence, and access to the outdoors – these aren’t ‘nice to haves’, they are essential.

Lishon will absolutely love it out here!

Janice, Lishon's mum

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