Volunteers help transform garden for three year old Kian

Posted on the 4th June 2018

Kian has Down Syndrome, a heart defect and Hirschsprung Disease. These conditions mean that he has a range of medical needs; including constant bowel problems, learning and communication difficulties, and he is unsteady on his feet. He has also developed alopecia.

The family moved into a home that provided suitable internal living space but had a garden which was unsafe and lacked privacy. Kian loves to be outside but the space was too dangerous for him to access.

Garden Makeover

Volunteers from St James’ Place Wealth Management took on the huge task of helping us transform Kian’s garden to create a safe, fun and accessible space for him in just two days.

They cleared approximately 2 tonnes of gravel from the garden, all of which posed a severe choking hazard for Kian. This had to be moved repeatedly in order to be recycled as a base for a large area of artificial grass. Fencing was erected down the one side of the garden to give the family some much needed privacy. A deck was built close to the house to provide a space for the family to sit together and, along with the artificial grass, a safe, stable space for Kian to run and play with his twin sister.

Having this new garden gives Kian the safe space he needs to run, climb and play. This will help him develop his physical strength, skills and independence.

Watch the moment Kian see's his new garden for the first time!

It’s unbelievable, I can’t believe it’s our garden!

Amber - Kian’s mum

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