WellChild Garden Makeover for Joe

Posted on the 9th July 2018

Joe has a diagnosis of chromosomal deletion 9q34, a rare genetic disorder which means that he has a range of complex needs and severe learning difficulties. He requires physical assistance with all aspects of daily life and has no sense of danger, so needs supervision at all times to keep him safe.

Joe has an unsteady gait and is not able to look down, which means he trips and falls easily. He can walk short distances but requires a wheelchair away from home. Joe’s family garden was not safe for him to access nor appropriate for his needs.

Garden Makeover

We wanted to give Joe a garden that he could easily access, play safely in and spend quality time with mum. Volunteers from St James’s Place Wealth Management joined us and worked incredibly hard over two long days, in the blistering sunshine to transform the uneven space.

They built a small decked area from the back door allowing safer access into the garden. The team set about removing the old lawn and prepared the area for new artificial grass. Two large planters were constructed and a planting bed with bark was created as a border.

The old summer house was replaced with a brand new one, giving Joe a quiet and relaxing space of his own. These changes will make the world of difference to Joe’s health and emotional wellbeing. It really will improve day to day life and have a positive effect on the whole family.

Thank you so much, we are so pleased

Caroline, Joe's mum

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