WellChild Garden Makeover for Five Year Old Dakota

Posted on the 12th September 2018

Dakota has Achromatopsia, the condition is associated with colour blindness, visual acuity loss, extreme light sensitivity and Nystagmus. She also has hyper mobility. These conditions affect her mobility and she constantly falls and bumps into things.

Dakota is also being assessed for autism spectrum disorder as she is displaying some aggression towards herself and others. She also has no awareness of danger.

Before her WellChild Garden Makeover, Dakota spent most of her time indoors. Now she has a safe, accessible and fun garden that she can enjoy, with minimal supervision.

Garden Makeover

Volunteers from Northern Gas, St James’s Place and GlaxoSmithKline overcame all the odds to complete Dakota’s garden on time!!

Day 1 was running ahead of schedule before a power outage cut the day short at lunchtime. Fortunately the Northern Grid were out overnight to repair the problem. This left a huge amount of work to be done on day 2 but all volunteers rallied to complete the garden. Providing Dakota with a level, enclosed space, easy access ramp, sensory play and her very own mud kitchen!

Dakota can now access the outside space safely and enjoy her garden!

Watch Dakota explore her new garden for the first time!

Thank you so much, it's spot on!

Jay, Dakota's mum

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