Six year old Theo’s WellChild Garden Makeover!

Posted on the 22nd October 2018

Six year old Theo has an unidentified genetic syndrome which causes severe hypermobility and uncontrolled epilepsy. He also has sensory processing difficulties and developmental delay.

Theo needs 24 hour care, and constant support when using his specialist walker. He will put anything in his mouth and has no awareness of danger. He also has difficulties communicating which can become frustrating and results in challenging behaviour.

Theo loves being outdoors but was unable to go out in the garden as it was uneven with lots of concrete and hard edges. He was at high risk of falling and injuring himself.

Garden Makeover

Volunteers from Salesforce took on the challenge to create an accessible, safe and enclosed space for Theo.
They removed existing rough ground and old slabs and replaced this with an area of decking and artificial grass, encased by a balustrade. This gives Theo the level surface he needs to use his walker and gain strength.

To make the garden entertaining for Theo, sensory and fun items such as a chalk board, mirror and water table were added. We also included a rotary washing line for mum and garden furniture for the decking, so Theo and his family will be able to enjoy the garden together.

Watch Theo explore his new garden for the first time!

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