Ten year old Rudy’s WellChild Garden Makeover!

Posted on the 6th February 2019

Rudy has hydrocephalus, hemiplegia affecting his right side, and is also autistic. Rudy finds social interactions difficult, he doesn’t understand the needs of others and can be unpredictable. Rudy puts inedible items in his mouth and needs constant supervision to keep him safe. He struggles to make his needs known and this leads to violent and aggressive outbursts.

Rudy’s brother, Harry has anxiety issues and finds it difficult to bring friends around to the house as Rudy’s behaviour is so challenging. Rudy likes playing with sand and water, and playing on his scooter. A safe outdoor space will greatly benefit the whole family.

Garden Makeover

We created a garden for Rudy that allows him to feel safe and comfortable. Volunteers from Siemens spent two days putting everything in place to make it happen. They began by breaking up and removing some of the old
uneven slabs and two tonnes of gravel. They then constructed a large deck frame to house new artificial grass. They also added some play bark to a smaller area of the deck frame for the trampoline to sit on, both these surfaces are suitable for Rudy to walk and play on.

Finally they constructed a small decked area and built Rudy his very own water wall, providing entertainment for him and his brother Harry. Making these changes mean that Rudy and his family will be able to enjoy spending time outdoors together, create memories and will improve his emotional and physical wellbeing.

Watch Rudy explore his new garden for the first time!

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