Accessible garden for seven year old Anya

Posted on the 6th March 2019

Anya is Autistic, has global development delay, learning difficulties and dyspraxia. This affects all areas of Anya’s life. She relies on adults to communicate for her as she is non verbal. This can be very frustrating and upsetting for her.

Anya has no sense of danger and puts inedible objects into her mouth, which is a constant worry for her parents. She is a very active girl and will benefit from having a garden she can run around and play in safely.

Having a safe and level space will increase Anya’s wellbeing and give her more independence.

Garden Makeover

Volunteers from St James’s Place helped us turn Anya’s garden into a safe and usable space. They began by clearing the old lawn, shrubbery and hazardous stones. At the rear of the garden there was an uneven patio section which was a danger for Anya. The team built new fencing with a gate allowing access to the back of the garden. Once the fencing was in place and the ground was levelled they prepared the area for artificial grass to be laid. With the garden being on different levels they needed to add some decked steps up to the grass area. Finally the team added some fun elements to the garden with a mirror and a trampoline, something Anya loves, completing the garden perfectly.

Anya now has a safe and secure garden which allows her to have fun, burn off energy and improve her behaviour. Day to day life will be more enjoyable as Anya and her family can spend quality time outdoors together.

Anya see's her new garden for the first time!

“Thank you so much - It is wonderful”

Parbin, Anya’s mum

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