WellChild Garden Makeover for Hayley

Posted on the 9th April 2019

Hayley has Leigh syndrome – a rare inherited disorder that affects the central nervous system. She also has a hearing impairment and needs 24 hour care. Hayley cannot speak, so she communicates through facial expression and body language. Her sister and mum also have the syndrome, but it presents itself differently in all three of them. Day to day life can be extremely hard for the family.

Hayley wanted to help dad with planting, or enjoy interactive play with sand and water but the family garden wasn’t suitable for Hayley to access and she needed more space. Improving the garden will benefit the whole family and will give Hayley an outdoor space that she can access and enjoy safely.

Garden Makeover

Hayley needed the family garden to be accessible and safe, and over two days volunteers from Salesforce made that a reality. They removed a big section of uneven grass, levelled the ground and constructed a large timber frame. Once in place they fitted decked boards and lay new artificial grass, making a much larger accessible space for Hayley to explore and enjoy.

The team created a shingle beach themed area, with it’s very own boat seat and driftwood. They added decorative stones, plants and roped fencing, making a wonderful area for Hayley and her family to admire. The whole family will benefit from having an outside space they can spend time in together. They are looking forward to an enjoyable summer in the garden, creating memories.

Watch Hayley's project develop over the two days...

“Well done on a fantastic job”

Mark, Hayley’s dad.

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