Adding sensory style to Helping Hands gardens

Posted on the 31st May 2019

As part of WellChild’s work to bring more sensory elements to children’s gardens in our Helping Hands projects we have begun to install solar lights, which are available in various shapes and glow in a range of different colours.

The lights we use are sourced from The Solar Centre who provide them to us at a discount price. The lights can help to bring the garden to life in the evening and provide a source of fascination for children.

Emma Carter from Newmarket was delighted to have a Helping Hands garden project carried out recently for her daughter Madison. 11-year-old Madison has a diagnosis of Bardet-Biedl syndrome, which can cause blindness, diabetes and learning difficulties. She also has autism, which affects her behavior.

Emma said: “As soon as Madison comes home from school she goes out there, she is really enjoying the garden.”

“The lights are lovely, they look very attractive out in the garden. Madison can see them out of her window in the evening and once it gets a bit warmer I am sure she will go out and explore them. They can be set to different colours and ours are purple at the moment – they look really nice and soothing, they give out a soft light.”

WellChild Head of Helping Hands Lorna Pedersen said the lights are one way of bringing extra sensory elements to our Helping Hands gardens to give them an extra dimension for the children and families.

She said: “The Shape Lights provided by the Solar Centre are a stylish way to light up a garden into the evening. On top of their aesthetic they also provide sensory stimulation or relaxation for children with sensory processing difficulties with a range of colours and the option to gently cycle through them.”


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