My life through a lens

Posted on the 22nd August 2019

It’s not too late to enter our photography competition! We want our young people to use photography skills and artistic flare to explain their life.

WellChild’s photography competition ‘My Life: Through a Lens’ is an ideal opportunity for children aged between 5 and 24 connected to WellChild to tell their story from their own perspective.

The winning entries will be displayed at the 2019 WellChild Awards and auctioned to raise money for WellChild at the prestigious Christie’s Auction House, London, helping us to reach and support more and more families of children and young people with complex health needs across the UK.

Harvey Isaac is spending a month with us at WellChild and tells us why he thinks this competition is so special:

“My name is Harvey Isaac and I am currently on placement with WellChild. As a charitable cause it is one which is extremely close to my heart, as I myself have cerebral palsy so I know the alternative challenges disabled children face.

Due to my disability I cannot stand unaided for prolonged periods of time. This makes actively participating in sport difficult. However, I am a lover of everything cricket and so in order to still feel an integral part of the team I taught myself how to score cricket matches. Now, after many years, I regularly score for my local village side.

With this in mind, if I was to enter the competition I would send a photo of a page of my scorer’s book to try to explain in the best way possible that learning to score cricket has allowed me to enjoy a sport I love from a slightly alternative angle.

WellChild works tirelessly with families and ambassadors to make their home lives as easy as possible. The competition is a perfect opportunity for children and young people to take us behind their front doors and educate the world on what it is like to live with, or have complex care needs.

It enables them to shine a light on the good times the family has experienced together. Or even, how family life can still thrive around hospital visits. This competition looks to go beyond the diagnosis any of the children have and give them a voice through the camera shutter.  In fact, it is a reminder that there are significant numbers for whom 24/7 care is a daily reality.

So please consider entering and remember that the background as to why the particular photo was chosen is just as important as the photograph itself.

Disability should not define you but in fact enrich you”.

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