Two year old George walks for WellChild

Posted on the 17th September 2019

Two year old George, his twin brother Jake and their older sister Millie have taken on the 5k Step Up for WellChild challenge with their mum Rachel. The family set themselves the goal of completing the 5k in just 60 days, whilst raising money for WellChild. Read their journey…

“George and Jake were born prematurely at 25 weeks. George was intubated from day one and was given multiple steroids to improve his lungs so he would be able to breath for himself. This didn’t happen and after several attempts George ended up needing resuscitating three times. George was sedated for a long time to reduce movement until the team could understand what was going on with his breathing. Together we made the difficult decision for George to have a tracheostomy.

While in Southampton Hospital we had support from a WellChild Long Term Ventilation Nurse. The whole team at Southampton was so supportive and taught us the skills we needed to get our son home from hospital safely.

George finally got transferred to the Isle of White in August 2017 and came home in November 2017.  Once George was home we had support from another WellChild Nurse, Paula who had only just been appointed. She has supported us so much, coming out to help when I’m unsure on something and bringing supplies if I can’t get to the hospital.  She is always at the end of the phone to help and takes away the stress if carer’s shifts need sorting out. I can’t thank her enough.

Our 5k Challenge

We’ve had amazing support from our WellChild Nurses and we wanted to give something back. We decided to take on the 5k Step Up for WellChild Challenge because it was a manageable distance for the children to cover. Our aim was to complete the challenge in 60 days. On our first walk Millie, Jake, George, my mum, one of George’s carers and I managed to cover 0.21 miles – a long way for my three’s little legs.

On our second outing, which we combined with a play in the park, we covered a further 0.47 miles. By the end of day three, we had walked 1.05 miles. It took a total of 8 outings to take these little legs up to the 5k distance but they were so happy when they’d completed it!

On all our walks I had to go armed with George’s trache box and suction and had amazing support from my husband, mum, mother-in-law and George’s carers. We shared our progress along the way in the Step Up for WellChild Facebook group and it was great to read everyone’s messages of encouragement.

George, Millie, Jake and I are very happy with our medals and with knowing that we raised £75 for WellChild. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us along the way.”

Written by Rachel – Mum to Millie, George and Jake.

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