Accessible bedroom and garden for Corey thanks to Kingsley Napley volunteers

Posted on the 5th February 2020

Nine-year-old Corey’s needs are very complex and he requires 24 hour care to keep him safe and well. Unfortunately he is frequently poorly and unable to attend school so spends a lot of time in his bedroom.

We wanted to give Corey a bedroom that is colourful and provides sensory stimulation. It was also important to provide somewhere comfortable for his family and carers to sit while taking care of him. The family garden also needed to be made accessible for when Corey feels well enough to spend time outside. We wanted to provide comfortable spaces that the whole family can benefit from.

Garden and Bedroom Makeover

Volunteers from Kingsley Napley joined our team and spent two days transforming Corey’s bedroom into an Avenger’s themed room. We began by giving the walls a fresh coat of paint and added a blue metallic feature wall. We also created storage for Corey’s clothes and medical supplies which now makes the room feel less cluttered. Finally we installed lights, wall stickers and a chair, which now gives the family somewhere to sit and spend time with Corey.

Outside we created a suitable space for Corey to use when he is well enough. We added some artificial grass to make the space level and accessible and a raised planter for sensory stimulation. A large shed was also built giving the family extra storage space for medical supplies and equipment.

Making these changes will make such a difference to Corey and his family. He now has a calming and relaxing bedroom, and a suitable outside space to create memories with his family. See photos from the project below.

“Thank you so much, this will make a huge difference to our family”

Jennifer - Corey’s Grandmother

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