An open letter to supporters from WellChild CEO

Posted on the 16th March 2020

Dear Supporters,

COVID-19: Ensuring the stability of WellChild’s future work for vulnerable children, young people and families.

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, I am compelled to appeal to you for urgent help during this difficult and uncertain time for WellChild and the families we support.

We are living through an unprecedented crisis that is already affecting families caring for children with serious and complex health needs more profoundly than most people can comprehend.

Organisations like WellChild, our team of Children’s Nurses and dedicated staff are tirelessly doing everything we can to support these families and alleviate the immense anxiety that many of them are suffering.

However, we are not immune from the effects of this outbreak. We are already seeing our income suffer as fundraising events, collections and essential projects are cancelled across the country. As a charity totally reliant on voluntary fundraising support and with almost 60% of our income generated from fundraising events alone, we urgently need your help.

As Chief Executive, my goal is to ensure that once this crisis has passed, WellChild is able to continue our work to give these vulnerable families the vital support that otherwise would not exist.

Therefore, in response to events that are unfolding, we have set up a ‘Resilience Fund’ to ensure our organisation’s ability to continue our essential work.

I appeal to all our amazing Team WellChild supporters and absolutely anyone else able to help, from corporate funders to individuals, to please do what you can to help us ensure our future stability.

Yours sincerely,

Colin Dyer,
Chief Executive, WellChild

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