Wyatt’s Story

Wyatt was born in April 2014 with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH). Wyatt was diagnosed with this condition at our 20 week scan. He had a large hole in his diaphragm leaving him with only 20% capacity in  his left lung. We were told throughout our run up to birth that babies with CDH only have a 50% chance of survival. Wyatt was only 26 hours old when we were told by the doctors that he would not make it thought the night. Wyatt’s consultant made the decision to contact Leicester about their ECMO facility for Wyatt. After assessing him they confirmed he was a good candidate for this heart and lung bypass machine ECMO. Wyatt was operated on at 1am and we were on our way to Birmingham at 5.30am the next morning.

After being in Birmingham Children’s Hospital for 3 days we were told that we had to go to Glasgow for Wyatt to receive his specialist operation to repair his diaphragm. After returning back to Nottingham 16 days later it was identified that Wyatt had right side vocal chord palsy which they believe was effecting his breathing, so a decision was made to put a tracheostomy in. Following a sustained period a stableness Wyatt began to have severe reflux issues. He underwent an operation and also had a peg feeding tube fitted to help feed directly into his stomach.

Wyatt is a really happy and smiley boy, he loves cuddles and going for walks, he likes colourful things and loves when people either talk to him or talk around him.

Support from WellChild

Having a child in long term care at hospital has been very challenging for us, emotionally, physically and financially.

WellChild Children’s nurse Rachael Gregory has been an amazing nurse and confidant to us. She has set up meetings to look at moving towards going home, she has been very supportive and encouraged us to get trained up, learn about his needs and work towards getting us home.

Sam and Brian, Wyatt’s Parents

Wyatt has made fantastic progress since leaving hospital in 2014. Within 6 months of being home Wyatt took his first steps which was amazing. Wyatt was also off his ventilator at this point, and his eating has also improved massively over the last 6-8 months. Wyatt had his tracheostomy removed in December 2015 and has been breathing on his own since then. This has been a huge relief to us that he is doing so well with his respiratory issues that he has had over the past 20 month or so. Wyatt has learnt basis sign language to help with his communication and this is coming on day by day.

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