Help transform Gabby’s garden in Littlehampton

We are looking for a company to help us transform 4 year old Gabby's garden in Littlehampton.

How your company can help

Location: Littlehampton
Type of Project: Garden Makeover Project
Length: 2 days
No. of volunteers: 10 – 12 people per day

The garden is grey, dull and mostly covered in concrete. Our aim is to give Gabby a stimulating and fun garden to play in.

We want to create an area with fake grass that Gabby can play on out of her wheelchair, and install some sensory items for her to access when she is in it (she likes to watch things that move and things that she can reach to move herself). And we hope to add a swing for Gabby to use.

We also want to brighten the whole garden by painting fences and treating/cleaning the concrete areas that will remain.

If your company can help, email or call 01242 530007

For more information visit our Company Volunteering page or have a look at some of our recent projects.

About Gabby

Gabby has four limb Cerebral Palsy and limited mobility. She is a full time wheelchair user, although she likes to stretch out and roll around on the floor too. To communicate Gabby is learning eye gaze technology at school and uses body language and expressions to help others understand what she wants.

The family have only lived in their home a short while and have recently had adaptations completed to give Gabby a downstairs bedroom and a ramp to allow access to the garden.

Now they need help making it a place worth visiting!

Many Helping Hands make light of the work and you can see the direct result of all your efforts in the delight of the children and family you are helping when the project completes.

David Smeeton, Colliers International