Help transform Jai’s Garden in Lemington Spa

We are looking for a company to help us transform 9 year old Jai's garden in Lemington Spa.

How your company can help

Location: Lemington Spa
Type of Project: Garden Makeover Project
Length: 2 days
No. of volunteers: 10 – 12 people per day

Currently the garden is overgrown with an uneven patio, slippery slate paths and has many trip hazards. We want to give Jai a safe place to play and create a garden that he will be able to navigate independently for as long as possible.

We would like to repair the patio to provide safe access out of the house. We would also like to create a path into the garden which Jai can use easily, leading to a play area for his trampoline. We would also give the garden a general tidy to improve access and make ongoing maintenance easier for the family.

If your company can help, email or call 01242 530007

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About Jai

Nine year old Jai has a diagnosis of Alstrom Syndrome which results in progressive visual impairment and hearing loss. He also has XYY Syndrome which means that he has developmental delay. He can struggle with verbal communication and is more vulnerable than a typical child of his age. Jai has also recently been diagnosed with leukaemia and is responding well to treatment. As his sight deteriorates it is important for Jai to have a familiar outdoor environment to be able to maintain his independence. Alstrom Syndrome also means that Jai is prone to weight gain so it is very important that he is active and able to play in the garden.

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