Help transform Mohammed’s garden in Bristol

We are looking for a company to help us transform 7 year old Mohammed's garden in Bristol.

How your company can help

Location: Bristol
Type of Project: Garden Makeover Project
Length: 2 days
No. of volunteers: 10 – 14 people per day

We want to give Mohammed an area within his garden that will allow him sensory play in a safe environment. This will help reduce the supervisory level required, allowing the family to greater enjoy the outdoor space together.

We would like to extend the existing fenced area to create a safe, stimulating space with a swing and a decked sensory area including sand and water play. Perspex windows will allow light in and also open the space to views of the rest of the garden.

If your company can help, email or call 01242 530007

For more information visit our Company Volunteering page or have a look at some of our recent projects.

About Mohammed

Mohammed has a diagnosis of developmental delay and Autism following a lack of oxygen at birth.

Mohammed has no awareness or fear of danger and runs away without warning. He therefore requires constant supervision to keep him safe.

Due to running away Mohammed can only access public parks in a buggy. The majority of his garden is currently inaccessible as it is unsafe for him. It is also uninspiring for a child that would benefit from sensory input to help regulate his energy levels and behaviour.

Many Helping Hands make light of the work and you can see the direct result of all your efforts in the delight of the children and family you are helping when the project completes.

David Smeeton, Colliers International