Company support

We are very grateful to all of our corporate partners for continuing their support during this difficult time.

How you can support WellChild

WellChild is seeking to adapt as best and as quickly as it can to the COVID-19 outbreak, both in terms of responding to the rapid increase in demand for support from our families; and the seismic shock we are experiencing with fundraising income. If you or your company would consider supporting WellChild with fundraising and donations at this time, then please do get in touch to discuss further. We would love to speak to you about how we might work together.

A few examples could include;

  • Adding a donation on to point of sale on your online checkout
  • Hosting an online/virtual event with ticket sales coming to WellChild
  • Selling products with an added donation to WellChild
  • ‘Free delivery’ with the delivery cost coming to WellChild

Got an idea to support us? Get in touch >>