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Colouring for Mindfulness

Colouring can be a soothing activity for children and adults alike. Download our colouring patterns and give it a try

By Callum Campbell · Published: December 2, 2020

colouring for mindfulness pattern

Colouring for Mindfulness has become more popular recently and it can relax you in the following ways:

  • Colouring is simple. When your thoughts are focused on a simple activity you’re not disturbed by them and your brain can relax.
  • It’s your creation – colouring is a low-stakes activity and is entirely within your control – colour however you like. Use unrealistic colours, colour outside the lines; your piece can turn out however you choose and this makes it relaxing.

Please find below 4 designs; 2 more complicated and 2 fun ones for kids (I am partial to the dinosaurs myself!) Relax and enjoy and don’t forget to share your finished work with us.

by Chloe French, WellChild Family Membership and Engagement


First published 2 December 2020

Last reviewed March 2021

Next review due September 2021