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Mindful Hydration

Try this quick, basic mindfulness activity to relax and feel more grounded

By Callum Campbell · Published: October 8, 2021

a glass of water

Try this exercise from Sense Massage to focus on mindfulness throughout your day. 

Drink water mindfully (focus on the action of drinking to appreciate rehydrating your body) throughout your day. Take 2 minutes for yourself every hour or so and focus on drinking, take a moment to breathe. 

The benefit? Water is capable of calming and grounding your mental state. As the human body is 70% water, it needs a regular supply to function properly. 

How to

  1. Pour a glass of water and observe how the water looks in the glass 
  2. Take a sip and hold it in your mouth. Notice the feel and temperature of the liquid. 
  3. Swallow the water with intent and feel the sensations in your throat. This changes the habitual act into a mindful and meditative experience. 


Chloe French, Family Membership and Engagement

First published 8 October 2021

Next review due January 2022