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Sleep? What Sleep…

Many parents and carers report difficult getting enough sleep Find out more about how to improve your sleep using some of the resources we list here.

By Callum Campbell · Published: October 8, 2021

alarm clock and someone struggling to sleep

Do you get enough sleep? As a parent carer it can be really difficult to stick to a schedule and get enough sleep, especially if your child has 24/7 care needs. 

Carers UK have some great tips for managing broken sleep patterns and making the most of your rest when you can. Visit their website here >>

Mind have some great pages on sleep and mental health. These include: how to recognise that you have a problem with sleep, what to try to improve your sleep, and useful contacts including the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association who can support you if you are struggling to sleep. Visit Mind’s website here >>

Other useful resources can be found on the Mental Health Foundation website and Sleep Charity’s websites. 

Chloe French, Family Membership and Engagement

First published 8 October 2021

Next review due January 2022