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Wellbeing tips from Lucy Kidd

A series of videos full of wellbeing tips to help parents and carers get through tough times.

By Chloe French · Published: February 1, 2021

Lucy Kidd is a transformational expert with 20 years’ experience helping people lead happier and more fulfilled lives at work and at home. She has created a series of videos to support WellChild parents through these challenging times.

Name it to tame it

Sometimes our feelings become overwhelming and we can get stuck in them. In this 3-minute video, Lucy shares how to move on through those stuck feelings by getting more specific about how you are really feeling based on a technique originally created by Dr Dan Siegel.

Five deep breaths (or take five)

It’s easy to forget that one of the most powerful ways of calming ourselves down is by literally taking a breath. Learn how to calm your nervous system when you’re feeling stressed, anxious or upset with five deep breaths.

Finding the joy

Lucy is back with a video about finding joy in the every day, even the difficult ones.

Control the controllables

It’s easy to forget that we can’t control everything. Here Lucy reminds us that we can only control the controllables in our environment.

by Chloe French, WellChild Family Membership and Engagement

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First published 1 February 2021

Last reviewed 11 April 2022

Next review due April 2023