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GSK and WellChild recognised at Third Sector Awards

Long time partners GSK celebrated ten years of partnership with us at the prestigious Third Sector Awards 2017 in London last night. Together, we were finalists for the ‘Corporate Partnership of the Year’ Award for...

Posted 21 Sep 2017

Charlie and Oliver’s Helping Hands garden makeover

Charlie has lipodystrophy which causes problems with the way his body produces, uses and stores fat. He also has severe autoimmune chronic urticaria and angioedema, which means when he is stressed his body covers with...

Posted 07 Sep 2017

8 year old Mackenzie’s WellChild garden makeover

Mackenzie has vanishing white matter disease, a rare recessive neurological condition which causes gradual deterioration and loss of skills. The symptoms generally worsen slowly, but there can be episodes of rapid deterioration that follow an...

Posted 05 Sep 2017

Day two garden makeover team

4 year old Maham’s bedroom makeover

Maham has Merosin deficient muscular dystrophy, progressive muscle weakness and developmental delay. She has a gastronomy tube and a G-J tube for medication and food. She needs support when undertaking activities and requires 24hr care....

Posted 24 Aug 2017

Maham, her family and the bedroom makeover team

Top 10 fundraising ideas

Want to raise money to support WellChild, but not sure where to start? Our fundraising team have shared their top 10 tips on successful fundraising. Have a read to get you fundraising-ready! Already have an...

Posted 22 Aug 2017