Connecting Families

The WellChild Family Tree is a growing network of families from across the UK, all of whom have children with exceptional health needs. Members provide mutual support and advice whenever its needed.

Mum Eve talks about how connecting with other families via the WellChild Family Tree helped her feel less isolated and alone.

What is the WellChild Family Tree?

The WellChild Family Tree is free to join and connects families caring for a children with exceptional health needs across the UK through online and face to face groups.

  • The WellChild Family Tree Facebook group. Every week, parents and carers are joining our friendly and supportive Facebook group to chat to others on a similar journey. Giving you the opportunity to stay in close contact with others, you can use the group to share your experiences, ask questions and support one another – our members are always there to listen and help.
  • Face to face local meet ups. These groups give you the chance to meet other families who have children with exceptional health needs in your area. You can find out about services and resources available to you, learn more about WellChild and how we can help you. We also have specific Facebook groups for families in these areas to help you stay in contact. So far we have groups in Cardiff and surrounding areas, Essex and Ayrshire & Arran.
  • WellChildFams Twitter. Stay up to date with local and national support groups as well as WellChild campaigns and projects.

You are never alone. There will always be someone else in the WellChild Family Tree to offer advice and support.

Hayley, mum and WellChild Family Tree member

Why join the WellChild Family Tree?

As a member of the WellChild Family Tree you will have the option to:

  • Access our Facebook group for parents and carers
  • Come along to one of our regional meet-ups
  • Learn more about how you can become involved with or benefit from our work
  • Keep up-to-date with events and policies that might affect you and your family

You will also receive;

  • Our WellChild Family Tree newsletter
  • Information on other aspects of WellChild’s work we think you might be interested in