Company volunteering

WellChild Helping Hands work with corporate volunteer teams to provide essential garden and bedroom makeovers for children and young people living at home with exceptional health needs.

Watch this short film about how Speedy Services helped transform a garden for Kayden.

Reasons to get involved

These unique employee volunteering opportunities make a huge difference to the lives of children and young people with exceptional health needs. Your company could help us create a safe, accessible, sensory garden for a young person in a wheelchair or decorate a child’s bedroom to make it more stimulating.

The projects are fully managed by the WellChild Helping Hands team and volunteers are provided with any necessary training and guidance on the day. Most projects take two days to complete and can be tailored to accommodate different volunteer team sizes.

WellChild Helping Hands projects provide:

  • a unique team building activity
  • a fantastic way to make a difference in the community
  • a different way to develop employee skills and motivation
  • a great story to tell your employees, customers and suppliers
  • the chance to be part of something which makes a real difference to the lives of the children we help, in their own homes.

WellChild manage your Helping Hands volunteering day for free but a donation towards the materials used on the project allows us to help more children and their families in the future. Have a look at our FAQs for more information or contact the Helping Hands team.

Contact us

To find out about a Helping Hands project for your company, contact the team on 01242 530007 or email

You can also take a look at some of our recent projects.

Many Helping Hands make light of the work and you can see the direct result of all your efforts in the delight of the children and family you are helping when the project completes.

David Smeeton, Colliers International

Some of our volunteer companies


Since 2008, Speedy Services have been supporting us with free tool and speedy equipment hire, saving rental costs on turf lifters, compactors and slab extractors. They have been one of our biggest Helping Hands supporters.


Hilti have been supporting us for the past three years with a large number of projects right across the UK.  They always provide skilled volunteers, funding and have also kitted the Helping Hands team out with some amazing Hilti tools to help us do our work.

salesforce logo has supported us with enthusiastic volunteers and funding since 2007. They have completed a large number of projects and will be helping us again in 2018. They are always proactive in seeking projects from us to get involved with.

Infiniti Retail Group have been a fantastic support to the WellChild Helping Hands programme. As part of the application and planning process we make over 100 trips to families around the country each year. Infiniti Retail Group help us keep costs down by providing two Infiniti Q30s to make our trips in.

FAQs for companies

How many days do the projects take?

Our projects are designed to be completed over two consecutive working days. We occasionally have one day projects so please contact us if this is what you are looking for.

How many volunteers do you need?

Each project is different, we usually need about 10 volunteers per day, but we have worked with teams of three and teams of 20! Each project brief gives details on the ideal number of volunteers for that project.

Can we have a different team each day?

We know that having someone out of the office for two days can be difficult to arrange, so we are happy to have a different team on each day. This also means that more staff can get involved with the project.

Can we do the project at the weekend?

Probably not! It’s best for us to complete the projects during the week. There is less chance of children being around, making it safer and less stressful for families, it’s easier to arrange deliveries and machinery and as a corporate volunteering programme it’s great for volunteers to be given time out of their daily work to complete the projects.

What skills do we need?

Enthusiasm and commitment to get the work completed!

During the application process we check that the projects that we take on are suitable for a team of unskilled volunteers to complete. It can be hard work and you’ll probably ache a bit afterwards but we don’t expect you to have landscape gardening experience, you will get all the instruction that you need.

Who will show us what to do?

Volunteers are supported by a dedicated WellChild project manager. They plan the work, arrange materials and provide any training needed by staff. They are on-hand throughout the two days to supervise the makeover and ensure that it is completed to the highest standards possible.

Who is in charge of health and safety?

The project manager completes a comprehensive risk assessment before the project, a ‘tool box’ safety talk at the start of each day and they are also first aid trained. All volunteers are covered by WellChild insurance.

Do we need to bring tools/materials?

Your project manager will source all tools and materials needed for the project. We also provide steel toe capped boots, gloves and other personal protective equipment.

Is there a cost?

We ask volunteer companies to make a voluntary financial contribution towards the materials needed on project and they usually cost us around £2000. Our main aim is to find the right team of volunteers to complete the work but the more you can donate towards the project the more projects we can do and the more families we can help.

Fundraising can be a great way to involve the staff in your company that aren’t able to take part in the makeover and we can provide fundraising materials, just let us know.

WellChild covers the costs associated with the application process, maintaining equipment, booking transport and keeping essential training, such as First Aid, current and valid.

What projects do you have available now?

We always have families waiting for projects to be completed and you can take a look at the ones that we currently have here. A group of new projects become available in February, June and October following our application process, so if you are interested in getting involved, but there aren’t any projects currently in your area, then get in touch with us and we can keep your details on file ready for them.

Contact the team if you would like to get involved in a Helping Hands project