Care at home

Tell us your experiences of caring for your child at home

One of our campaign priorities is to ensure that a consistent level of care and support is available to parents 24/7 so that they can care for their child with exceptional health needs at home.

Challenges that parents and carers face are often linked to the availability and competency of paid carers; the accountability of private agencies; the lack of provision and breakdowns in packages of care; or the need for more information and consistency in criteria, eligibility and assessment.

So that we can shine a light on just how many of you are affected by these issues, we need your help.

Send us a short video diary or message that answers:

If you were sat in front of someone who could improve the care your child receives at home, what would you ask for?  

For helpful tips on recording a video diary click below, or scroll down further to leave a short message.

Video diary guidance

  • Set up your phone or camera to record your answer (preferably in landscape).
  • Answer the question concisely and clearly. Videos should be approximately 1 minute 30 seconds long.
  • It may take more than one attempt, but when you are happy with your video, send it to us at
  • If the file is too large for an email, follow the instructions below.

To send your video via WeTransfer

  • Go to:
  • Click ‘Add your files’ and select your video
  • Enter your email address in the from box
  • Enter in the email send to box
  • Click ‘Transfer’ and wait until it reaches 100%.

You will receive an email notification from WeTransfer to let you know if your file has been successfully transferred to us.