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Update: Continuing care is our current focus with a number of video diaries due for release over the coming weeks. Above is a montage highlighting how widespread the issues are across the UK. Please support the campaign by sharing this video, telling us your thoughts, or making a video of your own.

#notanurse_but began by supporting a group of parents in sharing their personal stories via a series of powerful video diaries. The films have now been viewed over 120,000 times, gained widespread media coverage and have helped us connect with more families across the UK.

The video diaries are organised according to the following playlists, and cover a range of issues faced by parent’s caring for their child at home, including the need to provide invasive procedures, being their child’s advocate, making difficult decisions, the availability of care and support, and the impact on siblings.

Please feel free to share, comment or make a video of your own.

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