Welcome to Wellbeing Wednesday

This Wellbeing Wednesday archive contains a variety of mental health and wellbeing resources that can provide a little bit of respite from the outside world. Start exploring our wellbeing resources by clicking on one of the links below.

Exercise and wellbeing

Mindfulness and self care

Try something new!

We started Wellbeing Wednesdays in 2020 to support families’ mental wellbeing during what has been a particularly difficult year. In this Wellbeing Wednesday archive, you will find workout videos, meditation, yoga, opportunities to try something new and videos to support your mental health and wellbeing. There are also contributions from some of our parents themselves; families are so supportive of each other in the Family Tree and always willing to contribute their skills and knowledge to support each other.

The members of the WellChild Family Tree receive a bi-monthly newsletter with wellbeing content, and those in our Family Tree private Facebook Group also get a weekly Wellbeing Wednesday post. If you would like to join and receive these and other useful Families mailings, you can find out more here >>

We will update this page with new content once a month.

Last updated March 2021

Chloe French, WellChild Family Membership and Engagement